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District 2
Proudly representing the beautiful Northern California coastal counties of
Del Norte, Humboldt, Mendocino, Lake, Sonoma, Marin and Napa.

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May 10-12 Potter Valley Rodeo Program (Click Here)

Potter Valley Rodeo Hello All, I am looking forward to this weekend. It feels like forever since the last rodeo!!! Here are a few things I wanted to touch base on:
First of all, I'd like to wish the Queen contestants good luck tomorrow....their competition starts at 2:00 pm, just in case you would like to go and support them
IMPORTANT: Check in times have changed!!!
Queen contestants - check in with Bob Puga Friday @ 1 pm
Cutters - check in with Tina Rockwell Saturday @ 7 - 7:45 am
All other participants can check in Saturday @ 8 - 10 am
***There will not be an early check in on FRIDAY @ 6-7 pm
A snack shack will be hosted on Saturday from 7am to 3pm. They will be selling breakfast sandwiches, donuts, coffee,etc for breakfast and hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos, etc. for lunch". Thank you PVHS Softball team for being there.
There will be no food on Sunday. There is a lady who sets up at the corner on Sundays and sells tamales and street tacos. There is also the restaurant next to the bar and its good food.
Remember to fill your water tanks before heading into town. There is only enough for the horses ??
NO PARKING - Please pay attention to and observe the NO PARKING signs across from the playground. They are haying the field there. Thank you !
Our current Queen, Rachael Russ has some fun things planned for Saturday evening!!! Can't wait to see what's in store for us !?!
Be sure to bring an chair or two for extra seating at the Awards banquet, just in case. The Awards banquet will begin an hour or so after the rodeo on Sunday.

I am looking forward to seeing you all in Potter Valley (and dreading the fact that this will be the last high school rodeo for our seniors, me included). I want to let you know some information about the Queen Contest and the activities we have planned for Saturday Night.
First, the Queen Contest is on Friday, starting at 2:00 pm with the test, interview, modeling, and impromptu questions going first in the Pavillion. After that, the contestants will have time to change and then the horsemanship contest will take place in the arena. Judges, please check in with Lisa Russ at 1:30 in the Pavillion. Queen contestants please check in with Rachael Russ at 1:30 in the Pavillion. Queen contestants need to give their Biographies to Rachael Russ before the contest starts.
Second, Saturday night there is going to be a Cowboy Corn Hole Tournament, Rescue Racing (and perhaps bareback barrel racing if enough interest) as well as our traditional Dummy Roping contest. If you have a corn hole game set, please bring it. If we do not have enough gameboards and corn bags, we will go "Buckaroo Style" and use feed pans or water buckets and horse brushes. Yes, it will get a little ranchy. Also, I am wondering if anyone has any generator lights we can use so the fun does not have to stop with the sun.
Looking forward to seeing you all,
Rachael Russ, District Two Queen

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