California High School Rodeo Association
District 2
Proudly representing the beautiful Northern California coastal counties of
Del Norte, Humboldt, Mendocino, Lake, Sonoma, Marin and Napa.
2016-2018 NHSRA Rulebook (click here)

CHSRA Dist 2 Rules
In addition to the National rulebook, the C.H.S.R.A. Policy Manual and the C.H.S.R.A. by-laws,
"District 2" has additional requirements and rules to be considered a member in good standing.

1.        Absolutely no late entries will be accepted. An entry is considered late if not postmarked before or on the deadline date.

2.        Membership applications will be accepted year round; however must be received and approved by the State Secretary before competing in any rodeo.

3.        Any returned check if not cleared by entry deadline of the following rodeo will result in becoming a member in bad standings and the member will not be allowed to compete in the next rodeo. 1st returned check puts member
on a C. O. D basis, to begin immediately.

4.        All membership meetings and Grand Entries are mandatory at each rodeo unless excused by President, Rodeo Secretary or Arena Director.

5.        There will be a mandatory viewing of the safety video before the first performance on Saturday of the first rodeo. Set-ups must view video Sunday morning prior to the rodeo.

6.        Each member will be responsible for raising $250.00 in donations and/or sponsorships for District 2 by means of District 2 approved programs. All donations are due by the February rodeo.

7.        Each member must raise an additional $50.00 for the District 2 scholarship program by collecting business cards with donations. These business cards are due by the November rodeo and will be a part of our program for the year.

8.        Parents are required to fulfill their called upon work details.

9.        Every contestant will have jackpot, trash, raffle ticket sales and misc. arena duties throughout the season.

10.      Associate members must be age 10.

11.      A parent, guardian or appointed supervisor must be on site while member competing.

12.       No overnight camping under the age of 18 without parent, guardian, or appointed supervisor.

13.       Vet out, Med out, Draw outs etc. DRAWING OUT OF A RODEO: if you cannot attend a rodeo that you have entered, you must draw out no later than Wednesday before the rodeo in order to receive a refund or have your fees
rolled to the next entered rodeo. No money will be refunded past that point unless you provide a Vet Out for your injured horse or a Doctor's note if you are seriously hurt or ill.

14.       A contestant must be in good standing and must compete in ½ plus one rodeo offered (sanctioned) by the district in any event to be eligible to receive year-end awards in that event. In the event of a medical release or vet release, the District Executive Board may waive the rodeos.

-Any infractions of any of the above requirements will result in the member becoming a member in bad standings and grounds to be held from future competition(s).
-This form must be signed by the student member and the parent/guardian and returned with the membership papers.

Member signature: ______________________________________________Date_________  

Parent/ Guardian signature: ______________________________________Date_________